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Is Thermostat faulty?

My central ac went out recently, and had it repaired. I live in a rented condo, and the ac unit is on the 3rd floor roof. I have never seen it, or been up there so no idea the model. I do know it was original unit which mean has been there since early to mid 1980's.
The unit has a secondary part in my laundry room. It is a dual central heat/ac unit.
The problem fixed was 2 rusted out rollers? I have it written down, Go knows where. That was fixed.
Being a spaz, I tripped, probably trying to avoid stepping on one of my dogs, and knocked the cover of the thermostat off the wall. I had it jury-rigged then finally super glued it back on.
After the unit was fixed, about 2 weeks ago, it worked beautifully. I do live in the swealtering humid as hell gulf area of Florida... The second day after the unit was fixed, it seemed a little chilly inside, so I raised the temp a few degrees. I left and returned about 2 hours later. When I entered my condo, it was as if the ac was not working again.
I checked and the temp was showing it was mid 80s instead of high 70s. The unit was running, but no air was coming out.
I know from friends at the dog park, that their units have 'froze-up' and they merely had to turn the unit off and sweat it out, then units worked fine again. So, I tried that.
The pipe in the laundry room was indeed covered in ice. The next day there was a puddle of water, from the defrosting of the pipe.
I still was unable to get the ac to work.
The repair guy returned, and turned on the unit, (i had been gone for 3 days, flying), it was blowing ice cold air. He thought the problem (over the phone), was my coils needed cleaing. I have lived in this unit for 120 years and never had the coils cleaned. I do have small dogs, which shed.
He went ahead and cleaned the coils, since he was here.
The unit worked fantastic until last night. My dogs were playing in the hallway and smashed against the wall, knocking the cover of the thermostat off. I was busy and did not respond to picking the cover up and returning it on. About an hour later it was obviously getting warmer in here. I went to check things out, and the tremp was mid 80s, up from low to mid 70s. The stick thing on the thermostat was knocked all the way to the bottom when the dogs knocked the cover off. I called the repair guy, and told him ac unit was not working again.
An hour or so later I turned it back on, and it was OK. This am it was hot in here, 90 degrees, and the pipe was frozen again.
Does this sound like the thermostat needs to be replaced?
Any help would be appreciated.
I do not want my landlord in here, as he doesn't know have more than 1 dog. I am looking for home in CAL and so have packed boxes, and don't want him getting paranoid and trying to rent my place before I find a house. If I can get this fixed myself, would prefer to do so. I can get someone to install the thermostat if that is the problem.
The other ac guy is going out of town tomorrow, and not going to be bacl for a week, I cannot live in 90-100 degree heat for that long. Also, the dogs would suffer terribly.


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I'd get the thermostat replaced
If the cover is broken something else may be broken too


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Yes, I thought so, and I also moved that little dial inside too...

The ac guy just kept laughing at me. It goes from nice and cool in here, 74-75 degrees, to a sweltering 88-100 degrees really fast.

I just turned the unit back on, and it is currently blowing cool air, but am not betting on it staying on.

Thanks for your answer.
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is the return free of blockage where the filter is on the air handler inside...thats the condenser up out of sight on the roof.if you peg the sta all the way down to the lowest temp you can freeze up the coil needs a load of heat you and the dogs and runs 40F typical so keep the setting 68F and fan in the ON position keeps the place balanced when the outside part is satisfied....dogs will appreciate hair????shut the unit off on the stat and pop the fan access cover see if your rounds on the squirrel are amtted or even packed with dog hair an crpet dust they need to be metal clean to scoop that air and get it over the evap....if you see ice on the return trip just go to system OFF and leave the FAN ON..dripping is typical.that ice will always start firdst right out of the air handler on that insulated line...FYI.NOW that stat if it is digital it can take a hit from you or the pups..if it has a mercury bulb in it it has to be super level(if off level the unit will not shut off at temp set,and ICE UP return too cold)eye ball it...lets hear back from you for more info if required.
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Iced up is from low on refrigerant or lack of air flow . Could well be that thermostat is damaged and not energizing the blower all the time. Surely your guy put guages on and checked the refrigerant levels after cleaning the coils. If not hire a real company.
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