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rodm1 02-11-2012 09:38 PM

Is there a standered specing for furnace vent pipes?
I'm in need of a hot water heater and I'm planing on installing a power vent model. That brings up the probable of the best placement of the venting for the hot water heater and someday a high efficiency furnace.

I would like to make the best choice possible very hard when not doing both. Can a furnace have both intake and exhaust in the same stud bay? Is there a standard dimension for spacing of holes? When I make the hole for the new water heater I would like to have a backup plane if possible.

hvac benny 02-11-2012 10:02 PM

The furnace intake and exhaust can run side by side as they will terminate next to each other. As for the termination, it depends on what the manufacturer allows. Could be a concentric, a bay vent or just two pipes. The holes will also depend on what size venting you use, most use 2", but higher btuh furnaces require larger pipes. You'll have to do a heat loss to figure out the sizing of your furnace. Also, you'll have to follow the manufacturer's specs of both the water heater and the furnace as to the clearance issues of the vent terminations, as well as all applicable codes (eg. The intake must be 10' from your gas meter's regulator). And finally, I should add that it is because of all of these issues and more that gas appliances must be installed by a qualified person. I know this is a diy site, but I see so many code violations and just simply stupid things done with gas on a day to day basis that I can't stress enough to either do your homework and research diligently, or hire a pro.

plummen 02-11-2012 10:12 PM

And try not to vent them on north side of house if possible to avoid wind/snow and other things blowing in or collecting around them :)

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