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toolmanwannabe 09-15-2005 11:21 PM

Tax Credit: Buy new heat pump & handler now or 2006
Hi all, just found this forum tonight. I need to replace my 2.5 ton heatpump and air handler unit (present one is original with the house, 18 years old). I had a guy that installs Trane over the other day for a quote. I asked him if I should replace my heatpump system or my windows (also original, single pane, very drafty) first to get the best results this winter. He recommended I go with the heat pump (off course) and said that if I wait until 2006 to do my windows I'll get a great tax credit for energy efficiency/conservation home improvements.

After he left I began to wonder about tax credits on a new heatpump system. Should I wait until January to install the new heatpump system? Not sure if the tax credit in 2006 is better than the one for this year. Does anyone know about tax credits and the changes in the tax code for next year?


rabadger 10-05-2005 11:41 AM

First of all research the tax credits.
Go do some window shopping and have load calculations performed on the home to see the diference in required equipment size. You would be better off to do the windows and insulation stuff . When that is finished have the correct size HVAC equipment installed.

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