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mikestorm5 11-11-2012 08:50 AM

Taco Air Vent Cap - Loose or Tight
Bought a new house and trying to better understand my HVAC system now that the weather's turned cold.

I have a four zone heat system with a Burnham gas forced hot water boiler to baseboard radiators.

A few days ago I turned the heat on all four zones in earnest, and the entire house started to gurgle in stereo. Did not improve after four days and actually kept us up one night.

Having moved from a 90 year old home to a 16 year old home, I had my trusty radiator key in hand and was taken aback by my inability to bleed the radiators in each room. A bit more Googling told me my system is supposed to be doing this centrally and automatically (it clearly wasn't).

Anyway, I eventually localized the "fault" to my Taco Air Vent which is installed on the boiler itself. Upon inspection, the cap on the vent was shut tight. Trepidatiously I loosened said cap slightly and air came hissing out of my system. 60 seconds later I hear the boiler engage the water supply, presumably to top itself off. A day or so later, the gurgling subsided.

No now on to my question: Do I tighten the cap again and manually address on a go-forward or leave it loose. Not a huge deal either way, but I was curious as to folks' thoughts on the subject. Many thanks.

hvac instructor 11-11-2012 01:38 PM

leave the cap loose. as the water circulate, more air will come out.
if the system was installed right you should be able to power flush it.
does it have a place for a garden hose by the zone valves? pics would help

mikestorm5 11-11-2012 03:00 PM

The boiler is right by the bulkhead so purging the system shouldn't be too difficult.

Photos, as promised. A few notes. You'll notice there was a leak at one point by the air vent cap. Old air vent and old pressure relief valve was replaced with Taco air vent and new PRV to address the leak (you can see old PRV in background). Identified during inspection and addressed prior to our moving in.

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