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How do you know compressor was shut down?

Keep AC running until stop and ask the technician to show up this time. He needs to check high pressure.



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For sure post up what the results are. If the compressor stops in the heat of the day but the outside fan keeps running it's probably low on refrigerant. Not a lot low but just enough the compressor overheats with the constant run times.
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Yep, post the results.
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Well, finally, a week later..... A new technician came out and used his gauges and declared the coolant to be "perfect." He poo-pooed the other guy's idea about cooling down the objects inside and said, since the thermostat is very sensitive, it's not good to bump the setting up when it starts to not cool anymore. Just leave it alone, that it's designed to do what it was doing and eventually it would start cooling again. He suggested a more reasonable setting of 79 or 80 degrees. This week it's "only" been up to about 105 outside, and actually, it seems to be cooling very well. Kept it at 79 with the exception of a few minutes one day when it went up to 81. So, I don't know if he adjusted or even bumped something, or if it's just the cooler weather. Thanks to all of you for your comments. They definitely guided me through this.
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it sounds like something is up, probably a bigger problem. yeah, it's hotter than hell in texas right now, but if the unit just simply can't keep up and the load on it is too high, the compressor may be shutting down due to thermal overload. the technician needs to do a proper wet bulb/dry bulb target superheat/subcooling compared to actual subcooling/superheat, depending on whether it is TXV or fixed orifice. i call b.s. on both technicians, something is not right. my unit runs just fine in this heat and keeps running. i'm a novice and i would have checked more than that guy.
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i agree, times are hot here in texas (laredo) but that a/c unit should STILL be able to cool ur house down pretty well.

one thing that came to mind JUST now, ur outside unit wouldnt happen to be located under a part or side of the house where it would suck in the hot air that it is ejecting through the top, would it?

post pics if you may


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