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mayhem69 05-12-2010 08:33 PM

strong smell of oil from oil burner room
Hi, i had my oil burner cleaned about 3 months ago by a guy that works for a hvac co., he goes out on the road to fix them.( but does mine on the side) About 1 month ago it stopped running so i called him up. He came out and determined it was the transformer. Seems like ever since the transformer incident i smell oil now, my unfinished bathroom with just plywood floor is right above that room and it stinks of oil. I really didn't think much of it til my wife said something last night. After that it seemed the entire basement really did smell so i opened some windows right away.
What could be the cause?
WAIT! Also i do remember last month when the transformer was bad i kept on pushing the reset button. I think i remember reading pushing the reset can cause this odor. Could that be the problem a whole month later?

yuri 05-12-2010 08:53 PM

Not likely. Any unburned oil in the chamber caused by the faulty transformer/delayed ignition would have burnt away by now. He may have bumped the oil line to the burner or it started leaking of its own accord. Need him to check for leaks.

mayhem69 05-13-2010 07:15 AM

How do i check for leaks? I can do a little with the unit.
Also, the smell isn't as strong as a first thought. I was freaking myself out last night. My wife had the wash soaking in bleach and i didn't know it. So what i was smelling was the strong bleach smell. She came downstairs and stated she can smell oil from the burner. When she said this i took a whiff downstairs and thought i was smelling fumes from the burner, but actually it was the bleach.
Anyway the smell isn't overwhelming, but it is still there. It wasn't there before the work was done.

AllanJ 05-13-2010 07:37 AM

Some oil may have been spilled inside the burner mechanism or on the floor by your serviceman, and that will take a few months to evaporate if not sopped up.

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