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on the lake 01-03-2011 06:58 PM

Standing water in ductwork due to high water table
We live on a lake in Minnesota it currently is at a high watermark never seen before. It is very cold here and the water is frozen but the lake had gotten so high over the summer that we now have standing water in our ductwork.

Is there anything we can do while we wait for the high water to go down? We were able to shut off the furnace in the basement where there is water while leaving the heat on in the two bedrooms in the basement that are in the new remodel and have the ductwork running through the ceiling with forced air and in floor heat and no ductwork in the floor in these rooms. Fortunately our heating system is zoned and the rooms with the water are living room and bathroom and not sleeping areas.

Do we need to be worried about mold? Would it be wise to put Hot tub chlorine in the duct work while the water is still there?

Thanks So much.

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