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drewhart 01-06-2009 06:22 PM

spud wrench problem
i am trying to remove spuds down at the bottom on some radiators. at first the spud wrench shredded the tabs that are on the inside of the spud. i tried heating the fittings with a torch and everything. so then i sawzalled through the nut around the spud and pryed it off. this way i was able to remove the spud with a pipe wrench and the spud wrench inside the spud to prevent the pipe wrench from crushing it. i just figured the tabs inside the spud must have been old and rusted through which is why they shredded off. then i installed a new spud. and the tabs in the new onw ripped off too! so i put the spud wrench into another new spud and looked inside. the wrench does not fit snugly. it will hook one of tabs good, but the other one the spud wrench is on top of it instead of behind it. it looks like the wrench is too small. its like this on the 1/2, 3/4. and 1" sizes. so my question is...

do spud wrenches come in metric and american? maybe this one is metric.

then i thought well maybe they are suppossed to be small because trying to use this on an old fitting with rust in it would be hard if it fit snuggly on a new one. so is there just some trick to using these things to remove spuds without breaking the inner tabs off?


drewhart 01-06-2009 06:24 PM

i need a response quick because i'm getting cold!

beenthere 01-06-2009 08:40 PM

Might be a low quality spud wrench.

They don't fit perfect though.

Also, your shouldn't have to make the spud super tight.

beenthere 01-06-2009 08:41 PM

Also, on some fittings, you can get a pump pliers between the nut and rad, and use the pliers to help tighten the spud.

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