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cabinetman 07-25-2011 09:04 AM

Split A/C Unit Problem
We had our A/C replaced several years ago, and have had an ongoing problem ever since.

It's a Janitrol 3.5 ton (I think) unit, air handler inside, compressor outside. There's two copper lines that connect them...a large one and a small one (I don't know what they're called). When those lines leave the air handler they travel up about 5', then curve towards the outside of the house and travel about 10', exit the house, and then return down to the compressor.

The air handler is in a very small utility room, that's not air conditioned. They have sweated and carry outside condensation to the point of dripping on the floor. They have been wrapped in the foam insulation, but the moisture collects inside and finds its way out.

Is there a way to stop the condensation? Right now, I have a collector that works pretty good, but it collects about a gallon in a day or two. I tried to divert the drainage to the condensate pump (which pumps the water out along the route of the two copper lines).

What can be done?


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