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semperfi1977m 04-02-2010 12:04 AM

someone stole the breaker from a/c disconnect
Hello, tonight a friend called and said her central air wasn't working. I went over there and discovered some dispicable person stole the pull-out breaker from the disconnect box.

Well, I looked all over the outside of the unit and didnt see a nameplate anywhere to get specs from. So my question is, how do I determine what size breaker was on the unit. The breaker for the a/c in the main box on the mobile home is a 30amp....would the outside disconnect be the same size? Will there be a stamping inside the disconnect box on the black inside that would say what size was in it?

The a/c was blank, but the furnace is an Intertherm 53000 BTU unit in a mobile home, and shes fairly certain the a/c is original to it. The a-coil is not mounted i the furnace, so I assume its in the outside unit.

beenthere 04-02-2010 06:26 AM

The pull out.

Or the disconnect breaker.

If its a disconnect breaker, its probably a square D. And they only come in 60 amp size.

If its a simple pull out. You need a new disconnect, as the pull out isn't sold separately.

yuri 04-02-2010 08:02 AM

Post a pic of it. If it is a simple pull out breaker/switch (plugs into copper tabs inside the box) the whole assembly is sold at HDepot and they are inexpensive and lockable.

richiemoe 04-02-2010 10:12 PM

Why not just replace the disconnect with a new one.

TivoCrastinator 06-29-2010 12:09 AM

Bypass Disconnect
This thread fits my situation to a T and I'm hoping you can help. My friend couldn't find the disconnect pullout plug to her A/C when she went to un-weatherize it this month. I planned to replace the whole disconnect, but didn't have all the tools and screws I needed to reattach to the side of her mobile home.

So, I just left the original disconnect on the house, and just stuck the line feeds under the same screws as the load, effectively bypassing both the pullout plug and the fuses (Obviously, there's still a breaker controlling this circuit in the panel). Will this do any harm until I get a chance to replace the entire disconnect box?. Since the existing disconnect is fused, do I need to replace with fused also or can I reinstall a non-fused disconnect?

She was very happy to have some A/C even though I told her it was a temporary fix. I'll probably go back and do it right later this week.

beenthere 06-29-2010 08:01 AM

Are the breakers in the main the right size?

If not. Then you got a very unsafe condition.

Only needs to be a fused disconnect, if the breakers in the main panel box are too large.

yuri 06-29-2010 06:50 PM

Look at the rating plate on the outdoor unit and it will tell you the proper maximum size of fuse or breaker.

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