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shower fan exhaust / dryer exhaust location

I recently jackhammered the basement floor of my 1966 split level to install a shower pan in my laundry room. Since it's in the basement and showers are steamy I installed a GFCI protected light and fan above the shower. There is only one clear out for the exhaust vent of the fan. I try not to be a hack, so I knew enough not to connect a fan exhaust to a dryer exhaust.

The floor above the laundry room extends out over the cinder block basement wall to create a soffit. There I installed a soffit vent for the shower fan exhaust. However I fear it's too close to the gas dryer exhaust vent, 18" away. Please see the photos. The exhaust vent for the fan has a damper and there is one for the fan. However I'm worried somehow exhaust from the gas dryer will some how will drift back into the house. My friend thinks I'm silly. Perhaps I am and I have nothing to worry about?

I'd like to reroute the dryer exhaust out the other side of the house and patch up the old dryer exhaust vent hole. It'd be nice to have it exhaust over there also. I hope to rebuild my deck, and don't care for dryer exhaust drifting upwards underneath me while I'm enjoying a beer on my deck. I'd have to make a hole in the corner cinder block though, so I don't know how close to the corner you can cut a hole?

Please look at the photos. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for looking and your help.
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First off... I am not an expert. I would suggest that you check with your local building code office...

I think that this list will give you a general idea of what building code says...

�� Venting systems terminate not less than 4 below or 4 horizontally from, and not less than 1 above a door,
an operable window or a gravity air inlet into a building, nor less than 3 above any forced air intake within
10, nor within 12 of grade. (M1804.2.6 & G2427.8 )
�� Vent terminal not mounted directly above or within 3 horizontally of a gas meter or oil tank. (M1804.2.6)
�� Vent terminal no closer than 3 to an interior corner formed by (2) perpendicular walls. (M1804.2.6)
Be safe, Gary

so the way I see your pictures... your vent should not be below a window. I also think you are really close to the no less then 12 inches above grade. as far as your bathroom fan exhaust.. I think you need to be 3 feet above that.... so the question is.. will your new placement be ok?? I urge you to take the pictures down to your building code office and find out for sure.

I would also ask them if the vent pipe needs to be double walled....

also I noticed in your pics that the outside ac condenser looks a little too close to the house. check wit the manufaturer on that. you may need to move it to help make it work better

I also noticed that you did a great job with the dryer vent and taping it up, but the ductwork right above it has no tape!!!! Tape will help stop air leaks!!!

again,, I am not an expert so take my two cents for what its worth!!!!


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Thank you for the reply. Kudos on noticing the AC condenser. It was installed before I bought the house and is really is at the end of it's life. I really don't use it, lines are cut too short to move it, and when I get new I'll make sure it's installed properly.

Thank you for the code information. I get my set up is ugly, but this is what I have. From reading that everything I have is wrong with the dryer vent exhaust location! I gather that was installed in 1966 when the house was built. We all know what was going on in the 60s... They didn't even tape their ducts!

I taped the dryer ducts when I installed the new dryer. The prior owners used that flexible snuffleupagus duct.

I'm OK shower fan exhaust. I installed it mainly to have a light in the shower and help blow some steam out of the basement.

My main concern is with the dryer exhaust. I don't want that air wafting back into the house through the shower fan exhaust duct. Plus I really don't like it by that sliding door or coming up from under the deck. I'd like to move it to the side of the house.

However I don't understand the "Vent terminal no closer than 3 to an interior corner formed by (2) perpendicular walls."

Is that because putting a hole through the cinder blocks will affect the structural integrity of the wall??
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bathroom exhaust fan , carbon monoxide , cinder block wall , dryer exhaust , masonry

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