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dit 07-11-2010 09:16 PM

Should I worry about vibration?
I had my (central) A/C and furnaces (2 units) replaced over the past few years. I noticed that the downstairs A/C and heat blow hard (sounds like a wind tunnel) but I am noticing a vibration coming up from underneath the house. I am sitting on the couch and can feel a vibration when the A/C is running. And it has been running a lot this summer.

Could the A/C company have put in a unit that is overly powerful for the house size? What else could be causing this? I would like the loud blowing to be more quiet, but the vibration worries me more in that it might cause foundation or structure damage.

And who would I call to consult about this? I am not sure I trust the A/C guys, especially if they installed too strong of a system in the first place (the second unit was installed by another company for the upstairs and I think that one is fine, but it's significantly smaller in size, and I am referring to the part of the system which is outside, not the parts that are in the attic and crawlspace). Would I contact a home inspector or general contractor?

As you can tell from what I wrote, I can't do this as a DYI thing, since I don't understand any of this. I'm just wondering if it's normal, and if not, what might be causing it and who I should call for help. It is hot here and the A/C runs a lot. I never recall this vibration or as much noise before I had the units replaced, but I may not have been paying as much attention.

beenthere 07-12-2010 06:32 AM

Could be its oversized. could be your duct work is undersized for the unit.

Neither a GC or home inspector would be who you call.

Why not call the last company you had out. That you liked.

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