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Seer 10 evap coils bad, Go to Seer 13???

Have 2 10 year old Comfortmaker (ugh) residential units-2 ton and 2.5 ton with gas Comfortmaker furnace on top.
No ice on coils. Last year my great and trusty hvac guy had to top off the R22. This year he has been out 2x to top off. One needed more R22 than the other.
This time he got out his leak detection meter (for R22) and found a leak in both evap coils, one more than the other. I was interested and watched him do this. *Tomorrow he will come out and check the outside condenser for any leaks-we ran out of time today.
A. Also tomorrow, he will get me a price on 2 replacement uncased downstream Seer 10 Comfortmaker coils.
B. He also mentioned that Seer 13 uncased evap coils (Goodman/Aspen) could work with my Seer 10 condenser unit assuming they fit in the evap case. He said we would need a TXV valve and would need a 3/4 to 7/8 adapter or something. He also said that this would not make my units operate at a seer 13 level. These Seer 13 evap coils can handle R22 or R410A per Alpine:
Since I am not working currently and been out of work for a while. I do not have the money to replace both AC units (and condenser) in their entirety-ie: 2 completely new systems.
But I was thinking that if I used seer 13 coils with R22, that if the condenser went out in the future, perhaps I could go to a Seer 13 condenser and run R410A making things more compatible
Would this give me a Seer 13 unit or are there more factors???
Whats best to do-=A B and any comments you might have?
Thanks so much


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The way I understand it, the larger the coil (to a point) the higher the SEER. I'd let the pros chime in on it but that all sounds reasonable. You can use R22 now and then upgrade to the R410A in the future.. The adapter he's talking about is to match the coils copper tube to your existing tubes that go under your house to the outdoor unit.

I was going to get a 2.5 ton coil with my 14SEER 2.5 ton heat pump, but that would only get me to 13 SEER. To get to 14SEER I needed the 3 ton coil with my 2.5 ton 14 SEER heat pump. The datasheet for my 2.5 ton heatpump has a lot of different size coils including ones made for 4 ton systems.


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Did he actually pull the coils to see where they are leaking?? They can be repaired if the leak is in a open area where he can braze it.
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sounds similar to a problem i had recently. mine was a 2.5 ton carrier unit that had several slow leaks in the evap. coil. trying to find and braze several pinholes due to corrosion is next to impossible and not worth the effort. it was an old hunk of junk 10 seer coil and i replaced it with a new 13 seer coil with a TXV. i bought mine cased since the new coil was quite a bit larger and would not fit in the old case. it really isn't that much more to get a cased coil but the installation is more of a pain. plus the old case was all rusted out and needed replacing anyway. i had no issues with the lines, they matched up just fine. i was just extremely careful with the TXV and wrapped it with a cold wet cloth before i brazed the lines.
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Asking for trouble as the head pressure on 410a are much higher and the copper is not thick enough to handle this. Your HVAC Guru will be making alot of topping off and finding leak calls.
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Originally Posted by lamon2524 View Post
Asking for trouble as the head pressure on 410a are much higher and the copper is not thick enough to handle this. Your HVAC Guru will be making alot of topping off and finding leak calls.
Any new evap coil he gets today. Will be rated for r410A.

So no problem if he installs a new coil today. And in 2 years installs R410A condensers.


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