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hennyh 02-15-2007 09:37 AM

Seeking pre-installation tips (AH + HP)
Rusty or others,
This weekend I plan to start replacing my 25+ yr old HVAC system. I'm starting with the air handler. I'm EPA Universal certified and I've read everything I can get my hands on and have all the required HVAC tools/instruments. I've read factory installation/training manuals backwards and forwards.

My new system is a 4T split system consisting of Rheem RHLA and RPNE. (also 20KW worth of strip heating).

I've uncrated my new AH and HP and inspected it very carefully for any damage or missing components and all is OK.

I simply want to know if you have any tips for checkout of new components before installation begins? My biggest concerns is DOE components from the factory but maybe I'm being too paranoid. Are there any likely "gotcha's" to look out for? (yes, I know there are a million gotchas I just wonder which are the most likely?)

I plan to ohm out things like heat strips, check that all connectors are place, etc. Do you typically do any pre-installation continuity checkout of components like the GE X13 motor, Copeland compressor, reversing valve or get a pressure reading of factory R22 charge, etc??

My initial motivation started out as cost savings but quickly transitioned to a passion to learn refrigeration and complete theory of operation of HP based systems. I've already spend 100's of hours in studying, pre-planning and researching best known methods of the complete installation process.


P.S. I've previously practised my brazing/silver solder technique, done dry runs of the leak detection and evacuation process. I've also made a sheet metal return plenum transition piece that fits like a glove. (no tape, mastic, or duct board for me!!) However I will use RD Pro sealent on the downflow combustable base as a gasket per the installation manual.

I've also gone thru my entire duct system and reconnected loose fittings, insulated where necessary and provided additional support where flex duct was sagging.

jbac 02-18-2007 12:21 AM

do you want a job?

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