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Indigo 03-20-2006 11:17 AM

Seeking opinions: Did HVAC specialist do all he should have?
In brief:
Our furnace stopped putting out hot air on Saturday and an HVAC specialist from the company the warranty people uses came out this morning, Monday. I was unhappy because he didn't examine the furnace thoroughly and was short with me when I asked for an explanation. The more detailed version below... Thank you in advance if you read this and especially if you share your opinion as to whether the specialist did the right thing or I'm just too ignorant of furnace function to have an opinion at all :)

In not so brief:
The furnace (Carrier 58MXA) began blowing out cold air so my husband reset it as per furnace manual instructions. It went through a test sequence and then the LED panel began saying "Ignition Lock Out". This would indicate an issue with the ignition mechanism (no pilot light on this furnace). The furnace was still blowing cold air so we turned it off.

This morning the HVAC specialist arrived and as soon as I had left the room he called me back. He told me a widget in the furnace was located in the body of the furnace instead of underneath, and that this was a fire hazard that had caused several fires, mostly in the West. He would have to order a kit to replace it. At this point I realized the furnace was going and I asked if he'd found an issue; he said he had only reset it. Of course after HE reset it it started blowing hot air.

So I told him I was grateful he'd realized it had an issue but was he not now going to look at the ignition to figure out what had caused the original issue? He said no he didn't have to since it was probably related to the widget that had to be moved. I said I would appreciate if he could please look at the ignition since the furnace's test sequence indicated there was a problem there and this recalled widget had been there all along not causing heating problems. He said the same thing again. I asked if this was company policy and he said no it was his policy. Then he began to flee from my home, and on his way out I told him that when you take a car to get repaired they take care of necessary recalls but they still try to diagnose the problem that you brought it in for. His response as he walked out the door was, "I've been doing this for 12 years, just trust me".

Now one of my peeves is people that don't take the time to explain things thoroughly to me. I don't expect to understand as well as an expert in whatever field obviously but whether it's my optometrist or dentist or HVAC specialist I appreciate an explanation and many in the past (including HVAC specialists) have been very gracious. This man looked sour from the get go and I immediately felt disappointed because I've noticed a direct correlation between how much people seem to enjoy their jobs and their performance of them. Also how willing they are to talk about their field to a non-expert.

So if you read my mammoth posting, thank you! Do you think I should ask that someone come to do a thorough examination of my furnace, particularly (presumably) the ignition? Or am I just ignorant of furnace innards and therefore also ignorant of the fact that moving the widget would fix any potential future losses of hot air? I have three very small boys and am pregnant with our fourth and don't want my heater going out in the middle of next winter because of a problem that could be spotted now. Thank you in advance for any insight.

Aceinstaller 03-26-2006 07:41 PM


Customer service is just as important as fixing the problem.

You are the customer, and should be treated with the upmost respect.

I am suprised that this man has been employed for 12 years with this kind of attitude.:eek:

I would simply call another company out for a "clean and check."

My company reccomends a clean and check (or maintenance plan) every season.

during a clean and check, we inspect all of the aspects of your furnace during startup, and operation. Then we thoroughly clean all dirt and debris from the unit and sand the flame sense rod.(since this is a common service call during the heating season from units short cycling.)

we may not have time to school you in all aspects of our proffesion, but we will always address any concerns that you may have, because without YOU, the customer, we would have no business.


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