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whatsthis 04-02-2009 08:36 AM

Second hand Outdoor woodburner
When i moved into our house last year there was an outdoor woodburner installed (about 50' from the house) The previous owner told us that it works, but there is a leak in the underground pipes that carry the water to/ from the unit, and as such, he hadn't used it from about Christmas last year. Now, the guy who lived here has been 100% in everything he did to the house and told us about the house, so i have no reason to mistrust anything he said about the unit. However, we elected not to use it (too much bother to stoke it when its -40oC and you have to trudge through the snow to it, plus it was too late in the year to start digging up pipes to find the leak) and have decided that we would rather go for a pellet stove or the like for next winter, so heres my question, is there much of a market for selling these things second hand, and what would be the best way to sell, classifieds or through a dealer / installer?
Sorry for the long story, and thanks in advance for your thoughts!
(BTW will add more details on the unit as and when I trudge though the snow to read the labels (Yes it's STILL snowing in N. Ontario!):wallbash:

yuri 04-02-2009 09:08 AM

Unless the outdoor unit itself is pressure tested to make sure it has no leaks I doubt anybody would buy it. A friend of mine lives on a farm and his unit sprung a leak in the woodburning unit. The leftover ash from the wood or coal is corrosive to metal and ate it. I doubt if there is a good used market but the bargain hunter or local paper might be worth a try. Beware, anybody you sell it to can become an enemy if it goes bad. We have so damn much snow Canadian Tire has snowblowers on sale again. LOL.:laughing: The Canada Geese are sitting in it which is hilarious.

whatsthis 04-02-2009 10:46 AM

:laughing: Now thats something else! Canadian Tire with snowblowers, NOW! When i was looking one last December, they couldn't be got for love nor money!!! Is this winter EVER going to end?!?
Oh well, I guess that the wood burner thinggy is just a garden ornament!!:icon_cry:
BTW saw this guy today, looking a bit confused >>>> :santa:
Thanks for your help!

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