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I'm having a similar problem. I have three cracked heat exchangers and have just replaced them. I put the unit back in service and it still goes boom. The ignitior will cycle and then the furnace will ignite for just a split second and then flame out. I was wondering if you have found a fix.


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i know you would like to kepp it longer .one thing to consider is how much money worth of propane you burn, if you repaced the unit with a dual fuel heat pump package unit you would save money on heating cost
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This is a 4 year old thread.
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Im not an HVAC Tech, yet. But to me, what is happening sounds simpler than all of the other explanations. Since it only happens the first time that it lights, and usually after it sits a while, it is a miniscule gas leak. I bet the gas valve was manufactured with a gasket that was gas permeable or something ridiculous like that. I would do a search and see if you can find a recall on that valve. I would also go ask the neighbors that had theirs replaced if they have any info on it. KISS Rule.

Side Bar: When I was young we had a Gas Stove that had no pilot for the oven. There was a hole in the bottom front that you dropped a match down to light the Oven. My Mom constantly told us NEVER, NEVER turn on the gas before you light the match. Light the match, turn on the gas, drop the match down the hole. I listened. My older brother, who was a teenager and knew everything did not. He had his hair like Elvis. Greased up DA and all. One day he lit the oven to heat up a frozen pizza.............................. Im still laughing at 66


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