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RUUD furnace not working blower runs
In December we had problems with the furnace, came home to no heat but blower running. Had a friend check it out and thought it was the circut board replaced it and furnace worked for 20 days. Came home tonight to house at 58 and blower running again. Can only get blower to shut off at the breaker box. With weekend temps at 0 I need heat again soon. Any help available?

biggles 01-16-2008 10:45 PM

something is making that fan come on with the heat call and no burner...down at the unit terminal strip jump R to W1...W2 if you have it..this is to prove your problem is not the stat, but down at the furnace???if your not getting a spark for pilot or any clicling after you toggle power back up it is the burner side do the jump first....and see the reaction..also you can use the emergency swicth you should have to kill the fan...don't hesitate to call somebody or make plans to run your cold water to keep it from breaking...if it gets that bad do the hot water also put the valve on the HWH to pilot and to keep the heater from maintainig the water running on the hot waterr side.

bigMikeB 01-16-2008 10:55 PM

Some Ruud/Rheem models go to steady fan when the igniter fails. Unplug the igniter and check for resistance.

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