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sendres 08-01-2007 01:19 PM

Room Ventilation Fan
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We're in the process of building a two storey garage out at the lake with second florr being a bunk house of sorts. As this is primarily summer usage only, the only HVAC we have planned are some electric floor boardheaters to take the chill off in the early/late season. Now we want to do something for air exchange to cool off the rooms in the evening/night. We could install a bathroom fan but that seems undersized. Any recommendations would be appreciated. We're still in the framing stage so options are pretty open.

Floor Details: 18x24

bigMikeB 08-01-2007 05:44 PM

Try getting the smallest whole house fan you can get and run it on a variable speed controller.

pjpjpjpj 08-11-2007 03:37 PM

If you want something simple and cheap, and you aren't conditioning the space, you don't need to go all fancy on it - for the square footage you indicate, just get those window-mount fan units (usually has two fans in it). And definitely install ceiling fans in each room.... (meaning, typical decorator paddle-style fans)... heck, you can get those for cheaper than a window unit. :thumbsup:

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