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clint649 09-26-2005 12:19 PM

Room to Room vents
What can I do to get heat from down stairs to the rooms directly above the living room where the wood stove and monitor heat is?
Is there such a thing as a vent that is like battery operated that will suck the heat up to this area

Mike Swearingen 09-26-2005 09:42 PM

I'm not a pro HVAC man, but I've seen a couple of good methods used for getting wood heat upstairs from over a wood stove (heat rises naturally), besides a stairwell (with a directional fan and/or ceiling fans helping with the distribution).
The simplest way is to just cut holes in the ceiling and the floor above it and install large registers, if it is going into a large room, or hall or other open distribution type space.
Another home that I sold (I'm a real estate broker), actually had an extra large central HVAC return over it, and ran it through the whole-house duct system.
You might even create your own boxed fan/duct system, if you can duct it up to the attic and then over down into various rooms.
Only you can determine what will be best for your home, based on the way it's built.
Good luck!
Now let the pros chime in.

Teetorbilt 09-27-2005 11:53 PM

I think that your stove is too small or you're not feeding it right.

rabadger 10-05-2005 11:25 AM

Depends on the floor plan of the home on what could be done. I have seen people put large return air grilles in the celing around the stove and let the furnace blower run. Be careful, you don't want the return air to the furnace getting to hot. You will lose the blower motor.

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