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budkocher 07-16-2008 02:53 PM

Rheem IIBC Fan Speed Switch Settings
IGNORE --IGNORE--IGNORE I jumped to the conclusion that the switch set controlled the fan speeds; a service rep just told me the speeds are controlled by motor wire placement on the circuit board (the switch set controls furnace settings).

I have a Rheem Criterion II furnace and central AC (model RGVH-10EBRJR) with a Rheem 62-24084-02 circuit board. When the tech changed the board last winter, he said at the time that he set the AC fan setting on high so it would move more air and feel cooler in the summer.

I live in Dallas, where it is in the high 90's to low 100's every day. At the present time, with the thermostat set on 78, the relative humidity in the house is 65%. I now have black mold on the air outlets. There is water in the condensate pan (up to the level of the drain pipe), so some humidity is being taken out, but apparently not enough.

It is my guess that the tech set the fan too high for AC and we are not getting enough dehumidifying. :mad:

The miniature four switch chip on the circuit board has all four switches set to off.

The fan now sounds like it is running at max rpm.

Does this switch chip control the fan speed and if so, does anyone know the proper settings for AC?


geo fan 07-16-2008 03:32 PM

sure its mold
first off the dip switch guide should be with the instruction manuel or on the back of the door or on the fan housing. that being said are you sure that it is mold is you drain clear you said there was water up to the drain ( top or bottom) are the grills condensating if so that might be a product of the speed being to low not high (lower fan colder air more condensation ) but if the grills are condensing that might mean the air is to cold droping the metel below the dew point( well definitly) .
There is nothing worse then breathing mold
except maybe toxic clean air

Rick-Jake 11-28-2012 05:33 PM

Fan run on time
I just installed a new 62-24084-82 board on my Ruud/Rheem furnace and I need to know what the dip switch settings are for the fan run after shut down of the flame. It is a single furnace and no AC At the moment all 4 switches are in the left hand possition. I would like to have the fan stop sooner.

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