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mcoody 09-25-2012 04:51 PM

Review of proposed wiring diagram for a new install
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Hello all!

I am somewhat new to the world of HVAC and in particular to hot water systems. Nonetheless I have undertaken the conversion of my existing oil boiler to gas. I chose to use a G124x that I was able to source used (gently) and for a very reasonable price to replace my very aged Weil Mclain boiler 68. For reasons that are too complicated to get into in this post, I have elected to use the G124x with a 2107 logamatic control (using OEM 8148E aquastat), on top of an LT200 tank. 3 bell and gosset variable speed circulators for the heating circuits and a single taco 007 for the DHW. Additional, I have procurred a Taco SR503-2 to switch the B&G circulators. I have replaced the motor and wheel on the existing Fields SWG4 powerventer and plan to switch the existing CK63 from the original 120V to 24V for use in a gas application. Minus the original WMO switch and add the GSK-3 spill switch about rounds out the plans.

I have attempted to piece together the process and control wiring from what each manufacturer has for available information and was hoping others might review and advise if this is even close before I get underway with the final steps. I have a licensed electrician working with me, but he is a little weak on the control side of things and was hoping to have something for him to look at. Thankful for any advice or input in advance. Will provide pictures of the install once it is wired. All plumbing, gas, and venting is complete at this time.

Thanks again

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