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sburke 09-30-2010 08:30 PM

Reset Control in Seasonal Home
I work as an energy auditor, and I often recommend outdoor reset controls for my boiler customers. However, quite a few of my customers are 'snowbirds' who winter in FL or some other warm state.

I realize the payback for an outdoor reset would be longer in a home where the temperature is turned down to 50-55 for the winter. What I don't know is whether the performance of an outdoor reset would be compromised to the point where it wouldn't be worth the cost of installation. I would imagine the control is designed to work most efficiently at normal operating temperatures (65-70). Can anyone speak to this, please?

Thank you

beenthere 09-30-2010 08:35 PM

Since the water temp to maintain 50 to 55 in the house, is much lower then to maintain 65 to 70. It will still save a lot on the heating bill, percentage wise.

If their heating bill is only 300 bucks for the winter. Even a 30% savings won't enough for some of them to justify it. However, if their heating bill is 600 or more. Then its worth it.

sburke 10-03-2010 08:54 PM

Thanks. Our program sponsor is handing out a $100 rebate and the GasNetworks is offering $200, so I think I'll be able to sell them. I'll just have to explain it'll be a longer payback and let them decide.

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