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40bill40 05-14-2010 02:42 PM

Replacing Old Thermostat with Totaline
I am replacing an old, circular thermostat in our church with a Totaline P374-1700. The thermostat controls only A/C, and we chose Totaline to be reset in the same way as Totaline P374-1800's which had been installed for new A/C's elswhere in the church.

The old thermostat was hooked up to 3 wires, Red, Yellow, and Green. I hooked up the same wires to the indicated terminals on the new Totaline, turned on the power, and nothing happened. The thermostat showed no sign of power or life.

I went to the previously installed P374-1800's (also for A/C only) and found that the 3 wires, and the jumpers, were identical; but the P374-1800's had an additional blue wire, connected to the "C" terminal.

Must I put in 4-wire wiring to the P374-1800, or is there a way it will work with the 3 wires already in place?

beenthere 05-14-2010 04:26 PM

Need 4 wires.

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