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As the homeowner end user I would like introduce a twist, if I may. Someday down the road I too will be looking into replacing the gas furnace I have now. I have done little research, not enough to be sure, but I was wondering about the comparison between the 80% furnace with the plus 90's in regards to reliability, maintenance, cost savings cetera.

I believe in the future and progress but there are times when I wish for the good ole days when simplier was better. I mention this in comparing the 80% furnace to the 90+% which seem to be more tempermental and costly in upkeep.

The hassle I would have would be positioning the the 80% furnace to allow an appropiate exhaust route.

This thread is begining to derivate into a new arena...

Thanks again Rusty for your time, it says something of a person who spends their day working and comes home to enlighten the rest of us!


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Hi again caseywa

If it helps to ease your mind any, there are more advantages to a 90 plus than you might think. Carrier products in the 90 plus ( WHEN PROPERLY INSTALLED !!) Have very few problems. I put the upstairs 90 plus model# 58MXA080 in my house almost ten years ago. I just last summer had to put a blower / ignition board in it due to lightning. But then again part of our town had no electricity because of this storm. I do not babysit my equipment but it is well taken care of. It gets its yearly checkups and filters changed every thirty days. Its kind of like buying a car and never changing the oil, eventually something is going to give. Maintenance is key to good performance of anything, I have however been back on ones that were put in around the same time as I put mine in, they never did their yearly services and changed filters when the air would no longer come out. Makes me sick to see something of that calibre having this done to it, but with a little TLC, the old Carrier's come back to life. Keep in mind the reliability is why I am so keen on Carrier. If you can afford to do so, I would greatly reccomend the Infinity Carrier system. I don't believe there is anything out there more efficient as this time in this catagory. Well I'd better go I have another call coming in.

Let me know if I can help further.
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I agree. We stay on top of things around here too, trying to make them last as long as possible. I am being to look into the to do research to keep myself informed.

A side note, I took a closer look at my inducer today and learned that there is "one" nipple for the pressure switch...the lower nipple is the condensation drain for the inducer. Geez.

Thanks again, Casey
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Might you still happen to have the old blower? A part INSIDE my blower just died that I can't seem to find anywhere! The motor itself is fine, but the plastic wheel that turns inside the inducer casing busted off a bunch of teeth. My local rep wants to sell me an entirely new motor which I feel is ridiculous.

Did you save your old assembly? PLEASE tell me you did!

Or does someone else perhaps know where I can get one of these parts? I can post a photo. It's a 5 inch wide plastic ridged wheel that turns and causes the airflow. It lives inside the housing behind the inducer motor.

Help! I need heat!



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