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iixeb 01-09-2009 08:48 AM

Replacement impeller and clip for Heil exhaust inducer blower
Are parts still available to repair Heil high efficiency furnace exhaust inducer blowers?

I have a Heil model 125DK05 furnace that has had the exhaust impeller and clip replaced approx. 7 years ago due to the clip failing and allowing the impeller to slip down and rub on the housing. It sounds like it has happened again. I have tried to find the same repair parts locally to repair this again and no one has them and they tell me they are no longer available, I need to buy a complete blower unit. The housing and motor are in fine shape and it seems like a huge waste to replace the whole unit because basically a 50 cent clip keeps failing.

My inducer blower part number is 1005150 and I have found several replacement options, the cheapest being a lot more expensive than what I paid last time for just the impeller and clip.

Does anyone have a source for the impeller and clip that fit my inducer blower? Thanks in advance.

hvaclover 01-09-2009 12:02 PM

A allot of service techs wish the same.

It comes as a single. I have inquired into buying separate pieces my self back in the day but I found out that the wheel was made to a spec that was good only for the furnace.

Try this link. I's the best price I could find on the net.

iixeb 01-09-2009 08:36 PM

I appreciate the link and reply. So far that is what I am finding out also. I did run across a possible repair kit part number 1149307. It just seems insane to spend over $200.00 plus shipping when a $25.00 part and a 50 cent clip is all it needs. Actually the clip is uncoated spring steel and the moisture causes it to fail and then the impeller rubs. If I could find just the clip, it would probably be okay (I haven't taken it apart yet this time). The clip (if I remember correctly) makes the flat for the shaft to turn the impeller and helps hold it to the shaft. A very poor design with the impeller suspended (trying to slide off the shaft) and a cheap clip that fails due to moisture. Thanks for your reply and the link.

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