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Repair or Replace

5 year old Goodman 2 ton heat pump. Freezing up. Tech came out R-22 leak. Checked evaporator coil. Tons of rust very bad. I saw the rust. Unit only 5 years old. Due to quality of product?


recharge with R-22 and replace coil- about $800. Or new Carrier 2 ton 13 sear with Puron refrigerant. 10 year parts 1 year labor. $5,000 !! Includes a Aprilaire whole house hepa filter (at my request
Asked tech why replace? Cheaper to just change coil and charge me for the freon. Tech explained that if another leak should occur freon getting hard to come by and may be unavailable in a year or so. At that point I will need a new unit which does not require Freon per federal regs. So why throw good money after bad? Freon scarce? EPA says NO Freon after 2020. That is a long way off.

Just wondering why a leak in a 5 year old unit? Do I repair or replace? Goodman warranty was 5 years but I am not original purchaser and I think 5 years is up.

Also Carrier has a 10 year "limited" warranty on parts. Limited in what way?



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I would repair it.

The real warrenty is parts and labor, labor can easily cost you $1000. If you get a new one for $5K ask for 10 years parts and labor.

Limited means doesn't include the following

1. Labor or other costs incurred for diagnosing, repairing, removing, installing, shipping, servicing or handling of either defective parts, or
replacement parts, or new units.
2. Any product purchased over the Internet.
3. Normal maintenance as outlined in the installation and servicing instructions or Owner’s Manual, including filter cleaning and/or
replacement and lubrication.
4. Failure, damage or repairs due to faulty installation, misapplication, abuse, improper servicing, unauthorized alteration or improper
5. Failure to start due to voltage conditions, blown fuses, open circuit breakers, or damages due to the inadequacy or interruption of
electrical service.
6. Failure or damage due to floods, winds, fires, lightning, accidents, corrosive environments (rust, etc) or other conditions beyond the
control of Company.
7. Parts not supplied or designated by Company, or damages resulting from their use.
8. Products installed outside the U.S.A. or its territories and Canada.
9. Electricity or fuel costs, or increases in electricity or fuel costs from any reason whatsoever, including additional or unusual use of
supplemental electric heat.
10. Any cost to replace, refill or dispose of refrigerant, including the cost of refrigerant.

Some states or provinces do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to


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If you are getting a complete new system, furnace, evaporator and condenser for $5k than I'd replace it. The cost of refrigerant to us in the trade has over tripled in the past two months alone and it's only increasing. Those "saving" are passed on to you, the home owner, and in a big way. What used to cost you $20 a pound is now costing you $60, $70 and even more, much more in certain areas. Over $100 per pound in many areas already.

Btw, I thought it was 2017 to stop production of R-22..?
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"Freon" R22 will still be around after 2020, it will mostly be reclaimed R22 that has been purified to ARI standard 700.
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Unfortunately, five years is not very old to be having these kinds of problems. I'm thinking that the original installation may be at fault. I believe you should replace it and start over. Make sure your new contractor is a reputable one. They should be measuring your home for heat gain calculations to be soured that the new system will last this time. If you
have a good contractor and you can afford it, $5k is a decent price for what you described. Wish you the best of luck.

Links to other DIY sites is not permitted.

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no r-22 after 2020.... who cares..... dump in the replacement stuff...... same thing happened with r-12........ what a bunch of crap o la.......
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$5k for a 13 SEER Heat Pump ("builder grade") and air handler sounds a bit steep. Depending on where you are, it may be the going rate but I'd get more quotes on a bottom of the line replacement system like that.
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Get a second opinion and don't mention anything to the second guy about another mechanic being there just tell him the unit don't cool anymore.
Let him troubleshoot and tell you what he finds and what the repair will be. I have known many mechanics over the years say when they arrived at the customers house it went something like this. Cust, I think it needs freon- Mech, I will check- Cust, what did you find- Mech, Your right it needed freon-Cust, gets the checkbook and writes a check.
The Point, The customer is happy to write the check even if it didn't need freon because he was RIGHT when it was nothing but a loose wire.
Don't ever troubleshoot let the pro do it that's what you pay for.
Just give him a brief description of the problem.
Answer to your question get it repaired.


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