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nimchimpski20 10-31-2010 10:32 PM

Removed insulation from old boiler pipes, asbestos??
Removing an old boiler from the house which was built in '59. Anyway from the water boiler to the radiant heat system under the kitchen floor the 1" copper pipe was insulated with a material that appeared similar to paper shopping bag from outside, beneath was white material that was very similar to drywall. Definitely crumbled to dust as soon as was handled.
Didn't think till later that it was likely asbestos (hopefully not). Anyway, what can be done now? I'm thinking wet mop walls and floor, while wearing respirator mask. Any other ideas?? Not real concerned, too late now anyway, but have a first child that will be born any day now, and would like to get cleaned as good as possible quickly.
And don't waste time telling me to call a qualified abatement company, can't afford, not gonna happen. Any help much appreciated!!

oh'mike 11-01-2010 05:52 AM

Use water to keep any dust from becoming air born---Sweep up the damp bits --Mop--rinse--
then wet vac---

If you use a dry vacuum in any areas make sure that it has a heppa filter.-There you go.

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