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dsc522758 10-25-2009 11:20 AM

Remote Temp Sensor and zonal Room
I will try to keep it to the point...
Bought house June 2009 (this year)...
2 Story with a 1st floor addition...
1 therm upstairs and 1 downstairs
20'x17' 1st floor addition (add. is a zonal temprature room)
Found out about 1 month ago that the 1st floor addition is run off the second floor unit. This is my problem! It can be warm upstairs but quite cool in the addition. 4-5 degrees maybe.

Will a thermostat like the Honeywell Prestige HD or SD take care of my problem as to have a mobile remote like one that you can get to use with it? Keep the mobile remote in the cool addition and adjust it for the need of the room. Might get hot upstairs if I am trying to maintain 72 (heat) in the cool addition. Any ideas if this may work and maybe how it works.

beenthere 10-25-2009 06:15 PM

While it will help to warm up your addition.
It WILL cause your second floor to over heat by atleast what the current temp difference is. If not a lot more.

I would try running the fan 24/7 while your using the addition. And shut it off when your not. See if that works first.
Before you try a new stat. And really increase your heating bill.

Might want to see if you can have balancing dampers installed in the supplies for the second floor. So you can get more air to the addition.

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