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lg83 02-20-2008 10:02 AM

Reloca/move an AC condenser
Hey Everyone,

I am trying to relocate an AC condenser on the same wall about 6-10 feet from its current location to build a deck where it is now. If I move it, the freon lines would have to be shorter. I am wondering, if I move the condenser without disconnecting the freon lines, would that cause any problems in the future? Is there anything I should be concerned of, such as how much the lines can bend, or anything else?

Thank you in advance for any responses.


biggles 02-20-2008 08:58 PM

OPTION #1...if the deck is going to be off the ground then you can keep the lines under it and just move the condenser but use the old location as the turn point for the lines as you pull the condenser down along the wall.try to keep the bend pretty round looping it in the biggest circle possible.where the lines go into the house and the exsisting condenser location what is the distance.i am taking for granted your looking at soft copper with black armaflex suction(cold line) and a exposed copper line 3/8" wire tied to the armaflex?OPTION #2 if the lines comes out of the house at the foundation wall ground level there should be no problem swinging the condenser from EXAMPLE:the right side(exsisting) to the left side(new locaion) 180 degrees just have somebody hold the line out of the foundation wall at ground level as you start your 180 swing degree.trick with the condenser lift.... cut (2)2x4s about 3' long 2 strong people,and put the wood on each side just below the top of the condenser and pinch the wood together and lift..its not that heavy but do a test lift.OR .....put it on an old piece of scrap carpet and pull the carpet..carpet side down! in the new location use a level if its dirt or grass and lift it with some brick pavers to keep it out of the dirt and moisture.a couple of bags of concrete mix and bang out a 2x4 box as a new pad if your not going onto a concrete base.

lg83 02-21-2008 10:23 AM

Thank you Biggles. It seems pretty straight forward. I guess I will do that this weekend. It should be very easy to move since the line can easily be moved from it's current location.

biggles 02-21-2008 01:54 PM

with cooler weather the pressure in the both lines will be in the 50 to 70 PSI with the freon reacting to the colder air outside just so you know,,,compared to a summers day with the sun hitting them and standing around 150PSI+ ranges.:thumbsup:

lg83 02-22-2008 09:15 PM

So, with what you said about the pressure, I would assume it would be easier to bend the lines with cold weather compared to hot weather? is that right?

biggles 02-23-2008 08:16 AM

the "MOVING" :eek: of the lines(AC techs don't like that word BEND)isn't pressure sensative ,just was giving you an idea of the days temperatures and how freon within a system reacts..the most critical point is where it comes out of the foundation,and going into the condenser to pay extra attention too.the moving of the lines or condenser will have minimal effect of the pressures or exsisting charge... within the pipes.the worst case after the move would be if a line got bent or crimped with the swing you would see it in the spring when you run the unit.TIP....obviously your killing power to do this when you reconnect the line voltage back tothe condenser let it sit for 24 hours* with the power up but not running on the stat.if you have a Crankcase* heater and with the cold temps at night that needs to heat the compressor up on its base to boil off any refrigerant that might of migrated into the compressor.just powering it up and running it to test it you will do damage to the compressor...even with out a CCH the sun hitting it for a couple of days would be OK then test it.

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