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daluu 12-18-2012 02:10 PM

Recommendations for heating and cooling options for my home?
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I was wondering what my best options for heat (and also to consider AC) are for my house. Attached is a sort of a floor plan of the home.

The home is ~1000 sq ft, with a ~400 sq ft family room addition in the back. The home had a fireplace in living room by front of house originally but was removed. There's only a wall furnace in the hallway by the 3 bedrooms. The home has no central heat or A/C, no ductwork, and has open beam ceilings, though the ceilings in living room and kitchen have drywall covering up the open beam ceiling (angled/vaulted, parallel to open beams instead of the floor). The family room addition has normal drywall ceiling w/ attic above (not open beam). The flooring is all tile throughout house and the foundation is concrete slab.

The floor plan image denotes the window locations, rooms, and wall furnace.

As there's already a wall furnace by bedrooms that works ok for now that we don't necessarily have to expand heating options in bedrooms. What should I consider as optimal for home heat & A/C options for rest of the house (primarily) and also the bedrooms (secondarily).

* central heat and A/C adding in ductwork somehow to this unducted home?
* ductless heat and A/C in some rooms if not all?
* portable heater and A/C unit for rooms where need it most?
* other localized heating options like baseboard heater, radiator/radiant heat, etc.? Wasn't really considering these.

For now, the areas that could use heat is the family room addition, and somewhat the dining room and living room. For A/C, kind of throughout the house, but the house has good environment such that it cools down well at night and doesn't get that hot during the day.

Living in SF Bay Area California region.

So was thinking of ductless vs just using portable heater and A/C, and considering central heat as a remote possibility.

Missouri Bound 12-18-2012 02:22 PM

Do you have any attic space over the entire home? Perhaps a high velocity system in the attic can take care of both heat and cooling. Small ductless split system units may work. Can you do any installations yourself?

daluu 12-23-2012 01:31 PM

There's only a partial attic along the hallway to the bedrooms, which spans over the hallway and the bathrooms. There's an attic in the rear family room addition (no walkboards up there, only framing and insulation). The rest of the house is open beam ceilings except that the kitchen and living room open beams have been covered by a sheet of drywall, paralleled to the beams.

I can't do the installations myself, as I'm just a regular homeowner w/ limited DIY experience.

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