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vickyb 08-22-2008 05:42 AM

Real Advice Needed

I have been pointed in this direction to get advice on Underfloor Heating.

I have bought a house that needs to be completely renovated, so i thought now is the time i can think about changing the heating system. I would love to get rid of all the rads and have underfloor heating as the primary source heating system. I have looked and spoken to a hundread different "experts" who have all tried to sell me their product as it's the best. I get told because the heat is even and from bottom to top is much better etc etc etc

All the experts tell me it's more energy efficient and lower running costs than CH, but all builders etc tell me it costs twice as much (electric type). Also what is better Wet or Dry? I would prefer electric, only as it seems easier to lay, is there a highly recommended manafactur?

I am just looking for someone to honestly tell me, if it is twice as expensive as CH? I understand it can cost quite a bit to install, but i'm not too worried about that cost, it's the long term running costs that worry me.

If anyone has installed it there homes, i would love to hear from you.


Steven62 08-25-2008 03:03 PM


In order to give you an accurate answer, I guess more info will be needed. When you talk about electric vs. Hydronic, it makes a big difference what you pay a Kilowatt/Hr for power.
That being said, if you are more concerned with long term efficiency, a hydronic system would be better.
If you have access to the underside of your floor, an underfloor tubing set-up is just as easy to install (or maybe easier) that one put under tile.
Onix tubing can be installed in about half the time as PEX, and does without transfer plates, although you must insulate beneath them.
Hot water heats slowly, and evenly, so dont expect fast rises in temps like forced air.
Hydronic does not blow dust and allergens around, and the heat created stays closer to the floor and doesnt accumulate up at the ceiling.
Also, the primary concern in any heating system is this: How efficient at holding heat in, is your structure?
Thats really the kicker. If all the Btu's created are blowing away, it doesnt matter which you choose.
Wall mounted radiators arent bad, and can be converted to more efficient types made now (if yours are old) and the European designs are nice to look at as well!
If you would like more info on Hydronic heat, electric radiant floor heat, or even where to start, give the tech support at Watts Radiant a call.

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