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RyanPaq 11-12-2010 02:52 PM

Range Hood Venting Considerations
We purchased a new Microwave/Range hood combo to replace an existing old range hood. In order to have the proper clearance over the stove, we cut out the height difference from the old cupboard and installed the microwave there...
Due to that though, the existing exhaust vent is now 6" lower than where the microwave's vent is...
Can we have the duct come from the microwave, then turn downwards, and then go straight out? Or may I vent it straight out only?
(Moving the outside vent up to be inline with the range hood involves cutting the brick exteriror for the new hole and replacing the brick where the vent currently is)I'm not a mason so this seems daunting to me...

I temporarily blocked off the vent and am using the circulation mode that the range hood has although I do not want to stay on circulation mode forever as it just retains all the humidity in the kitchen. This was only a temporary measure until I figure out how to vent it properly.

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