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ControlTech 01-20-2010 11:10 PM

Radient Heat as "secondary loop" from baseboard?
This may have been mentioned before, but knowing that radiant heat temperatures are supposed to be lower than baseboard heat, does it make sense to run the baseboard 'return' through a booster pump and use the 'pre-cooled' water through a radiant loop under a kitchen floor?

Case in point, my one story ranch (fully open basement) has cast iron radiators that are semi-flush mounted in the wall. The house is POORLY insulated (two roof felt papers stapled together with a wool-like material in between - total thickness, 2 inches). The radiators are mounted in a square hole whose 'back wall' MUST be the outside plywood (T&G). The remaining walls are very cold to the touch as the radiators only heat up what is directly above them (the window).

My thought is this, I can remove the plasterboard walls on the outside walls of each bedroom, insulate with 3.5" insulation, then replace the radiator with 3/4" baseboard to cover the entire perimeter. The return water (which should be much cooler) can the run to some underground radiant 'channels' run under the kitchen and back room (tiled over a crawlspace) to bolster the existing heat. The kitchen and back room have extremely cold floors and I figure it would be a great efficient way to use the wasted 'warm' water heading back to the boiler.

I was bouncing this idea and a a few crazy others as backup plans in case I can't get an oil delivery one day.

beenthere 01-21-2010 04:41 AM

Not really.

That "waste" heat isn't wasted.

It would make more sense just to install a radiant loop under its own control and heating loop.

KGP 02-15-2010 09:05 PM

I used the return to my boiler to run radiant in two bathrooms. It works.. but I know it is not "ideal". I had to run a separate circulator. My plan at the time was to switch the entire house from radiators to radiant, but I never got around to it before the wife wanted a bigger house... I got my info from a text book (Modern Hydronic Heating by John Siegenthaler ). The book cost me $200, but i am sure you can find it somewhere you can borrow. Hope that helps.

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