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revg 02-14-2010 06:07 PM

Questions about finding replacement blower motor
Hi Guys,

I have an 11 year old Carrier Weather Maker 9200 high efficiency furnace Model 58MXA and the blower motor seized up on me. I am now trying to figure out what I need to get for a replacement. I have attached a picture of the sticker on the side of motor. It claims the following:

1/3 HP
1075 RPM
115 Volts
5.2 Amps
PH 1
Shaft: 1/2" in diameter and 5" in length

Capacitor is 5uf / 370 VAC

It doesn't state the framesize, but I am 99.9% sure that the frame size is 48Y. The motor has two brown wires that go to the capacitor. It also has a white, blue, black, yellow and red wires coming out of it all of which were hooked to the control board on my furnace and of course a ground wire that went to the outside of the squirrel cage.

I am wondering what I need to look for in a new motor. What is the most important factors in choosing a replacement? Does the motor *need* the exact same specifications or is it ok if some specs are different? and if some specs are different which specs are the ones that absolutely have to be the exact same?

I have been without heat for the entire weekend as nothing is open on Sunday and unfortunately Monday is a holiday here in Alberta, Canada as luck would have it. So any information you could give me would be a great help.

Edit: Also how do I determine how many speeds my current motor has? and is that an important factor in choosing a replacement motor?


yuri 02-14-2010 06:25 PM

That is a VERY standard and common 4 speed PSC motor. Red=low Black=High Yellow=med low Blue =med high. Acklands/Grainger is probably your best bet but may not be open until Tuesday. I like the Emerson motors the best, AO Smiths not bad, GE not what it used to be. Make sure you get a new capacitor with it and get them to check on the box what size it needs. I use a lot of 1/2 hp 4 speeds with a 10 mfd capacitor as the extra hp is nice to have and costs very little extra.

revg 02-14-2010 06:53 PM


Thank you so much for recommending Acklands/Grainger. Out of all google searches I did to find a place to purchase a new motor in Edmonton, Acklands didn't come up once. It looks like they will surely have a motor that will work for me in stock. I will definitely go with a 1/2 HP since from what I read it should last longer than a 1/3 as it's not working as hard and like you say it doesn't cost that much extra.

I really appreciate your response and help. You have saved me. I can't wait to have heat again :)


TJ_in_IL 02-14-2010 07:39 PM

Most every Grainger location will be open on Monday.

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