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whlnut 08-24-2007 12:51 AM

Question about air handler blower problem
Hey guys,

Residential Comfortmaker heat pump, about 3 years old. When the ac is operating, or when just the fan is on, the air flow sounds like it drops suddenly to almost zero at the registers. It is not regular and is very brief. This just started recently and the system works fine otherwise. There are no restrictions in the ducts or any other visible problems. It's really hot in Southeast GA, so I need the ac but am concerned about this. Any advice is appreciated.

shawn T 08-25-2007 09:28 PM

Sounds like a bad terminal connection or somthing that rattled loose, mabey a loose blower door that is flipping the door saftey switch.

whlnut 08-27-2007 01:01 AM

Thanks for the reply Shawn. Yesterday I found several air leaks in the ducting (which is now 19 years old), and a restriction inside one duct. I patched up the leaks and the system seems to be normal now.

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