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rnichols 10-24-2006 01:20 PM

I got into an arguement with the AC guy for my basement.. the basment is a bedroom/kitchen/spare room.. it has a workshop area and an area that will store a lawn mower, etc. This guy insists that he doesnt need to install duct work for returns to the rooms other than the workshop, so he put the return under the unit, in the workshop area to provide the return for the whole basement.. I argued with this guy for months.. he just said, I belive that the air will flow ok under the doors, and we dont need to install a return system. Anyone heard of something this crazy? I mean the workshop area is gonna be used for woodworking, painting,etc.. All that junk is going into my return and I dont know of an easy fix to making the air work better in the other rooms.


KUIPORNG 10-24-2006 01:32 PM

I think you are right, return air intake vent should be at a place which is very open... it does not necessary mean for every room in your basement have to have a return vent though... as long as it is open enough to have planty of access of flesh air, it can be used, open it at the workshop room definitely not a good choice... and probably not fullfilling the code...

well... that is just from what I learn from the inspector who told me over the phone... I am not a duct contractor...

rnichols 10-24-2006 01:47 PM

Guess we're just backwoods around here in AR.. He installed it there, and got his pass on it.. they're sealing the walls and ceiling today. So Ive lost there, its in the workshop and not a dang thing I can do about it to correct this problem now.. To even top it off, I even told the guy that the doors from the workshop to the rest of the basment have weathersealing on them and thicker outer doors so I dont have the sound moving around.. He just seemed to want to do what was easier for him, would have just been happy with ONE return tossed into the kitchen and a way to shutoff the return in the workshop area while i was sanding or paiting...

KUIPORNG 10-24-2006 01:55 PM

you can open up another return output and cover the one in the workshop room... like you said... well I guess you need to break some drywalls as you mentioned above... but before anything, may be you can ask someone with heating/piping knowledge/experience first... may be that is why sometimes applying for a permit is a good idea because you can ask question like that anytime to the code departement, once you quote your permit number, they will answer you back... and issue like that is not possible to happen as the plan has to approved by the permit department before any physical work to be started...

#CARRIERMAN 10-24-2006 04:22 PM

Hi rnichols

I would like to put my two cents in, number one if the installer new that this was a workshop they should have known not to install a return air in it. The fact that it is just pulling out of the base is ok, but if it is in the same room the unit gets its combustion air from, its not ok. You will have problems with rollout limit failure as well as a potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. If they were going to do that they should have just installed the return in the garage so while you are warming up your car you can make yourself sick. I cannot advise you what to do for I am not a lawyer. But they need to come rectify this potential problem.

Good luck.

rnichols 10-24-2006 05:35 PM

Thanks for the input, we're talking to the guy today.. He said he belives that in all his 18yrs of doing AC systems people dont close doors, and that the air flow will be fine, he suggested that when we were working on the workshop area to just open a window, shut down the AC unit and put a fan in the window..

We'll see where this gets us :)

thanks guys


pjpjpjpj 10-25-2006 11:08 AM


he suggested that when we were working on the workshop area to just open a window, shut down the AC unit and put a fan in the window..
Isn't his job to put in a system that works for what you need it for, not a system that you have to manually "rig" every time you need to use the space? I mean, isn't this about equivalent to him putting in a tiny AC unit, and saying "this unit isn't big enough to cool your house, but if you get hot in the summer, just sit down in a chair, strip down to your underwear, put a fan behind a bowl of ice cubes blowing right on you, and you'll feel okay"?

I'd be making a fuss if I were you.

747 10-25-2006 11:41 AM

My father retired to Cherokee Village ARkansas. Can i ask what town your in? I would get a second oppion from another AC guy. I think carrierman is on the money. He probably wants to do it like that because its the easiest way but that doesn't make it rite.

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