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miller4isu 10-31-2012 08:02 PM

Purchased Amana 96%, dealer installed Goodman GMH9570
A few days ago I signed a contract with my local well known dealer to install an Amana 96% furnace. When I got home from work tonight, they had installed a Goodman GMH9570 furnace. The dealer is telling me that the GMH9570 is now certified to be 96% effecient, which I can't find confirmation of anywhere. The yellow efficiency rating sticker on the front of the furnace even says it is 95% effecient.
My concerns - I paid for an Amana 96% furnace - but that's not what I received. I realize Goodman makes the Amana furnaces, but I also realize that the GMH9570 furnace should cost around $1,000 (base furnace not installed) and the Amana 96% furnace should cost around $2,500 (base furnace not installed). I paid $5,800 for the Amana 96%, an Aprilaire whole house automatic humidifier and the Comfortair thermostat (I know the thermostat is about $400).
Had I know he was going to install the Goodman GMH9570 I never would have agreed to pay $5,800 for the system installed.
What are your thoughts? Is it fair for him to swap the Goodman 9570 for the Amana 96% without letting me know?
Aren't there some pretty significant difference between the Goodman 9570 and the Amana 96% like the motor (I think the Amana has the variable speed motor, where the Goodman has a two speed motor). What other differences are there between the two?
I really feel like they are trying to pull a fast one on me. So far, they said they are 'looking into it' and will get back to me.
Please give me your thoughts!
Thank you

ben's plumbing 10-31-2012 08:11 PM

IMO...if you signed contract for a certain name and eff..rating should have received that unit.....amana and goodman are the same....but if he wanted to sell you goodman should have been in writing....and yes they cost differently and have different features......not for me to go into because I did not see the contract or the job that was done....ben sr

beenthere 10-31-2012 08:22 PM

Your price estimate on an Amana 96% is way high. And Goodman doesn't make Amana. Amana Distinction units are rebadged Goodmans though.

If your contract says Amana, tell him to remove the Goodman and install what the contract says, or refund your money.

Also, unless the EPA tag says its 96&, it isn't 96%.

old_squid 10-31-2012 09:50 PM

You are the one with the contract. Stand your ground, you should get what they agreed to install in the contract.

Was a building permit required to do the install?
Does your state have consumer protection laws that govern work by contractors in your home?

Mistakes are made from time to time, maybe the installers put the wrong furnace in by mistake and now the company wants to try and save some money instead of making things right. You questioned the install and were told the two furnaces are the same which is not the answer one would expect from a reputable company in my opinion. Even if they were 100% the same, the name on the front of the furnace isn't the name on the contract you signed.

Radrob777 11-01-2012 07:28 AM

Here's the spec sheet for the Amana and I couldn't find anything on the Goodman model # you gave but I only found some 95% units, I would have them replace it with what you paid for or keep it and get a big discount.


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