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Professional Duct Cleaning??

Having problems with a dusty house. It is only 6 years old and we have a light coating of dust we need to clean every couple days.

Is it worth the cost to have HVAC ducts cleaned? Who knows if the builder cleaned the ducts. What is a reasonable cost? I see ads for $59 duct cleaning, is it really that inexpensive or do they have a ton of additional addons they push.


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The dust is probably coming from a leaky return duct. Cleaning the ducts won't stop it.


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Another reason is high mineral deposits in water and furnace humidifier. Using a good filter system, electrostatic or passive helps. Flimsy throw-away fiberglass filters are the worst.

Had our system cleaned years ago and really wasn't necessary. A very large hole cut in side return at furnace (duct taped back in) and many 1 inch swiss cheese holes wherever ducts were accessible (every 10 - 15 feet?).
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As said the dust is most likely comming from leaky ducts or house. Most dust comes from the attic or outside through infiltration. You house needs to breath and if it gets into a negitive pressure the air will come in from wherever it can. I would have the house checked for leakage and do some sealing.

The air distribution system often gets blamed for the dust but it is only moving the dust around in most cases as it is already in the air. A good filtration system will help some with this. Where are the furnace and ducts in your house? If the ducts are in the attic or crawlspace and leaking they could be putting the dust in your house when the blower is running.

As for the cheap duct cleaning adds, they would either need to add on extras or not do a very good job. You will get what you pay for in the end.
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I'm sure your dust problems are caused by post construction debris. You would be amazed at all the stuff I find in the air ducts of new construction when I clean them.
And I agree.. Never, ever call the $49 coupon guys..They are scammers and you will get a horrible job or upsold to 10X and still get a horrible job...look at the NADCA web site to find a professional cleaning contractor. Average home should cost you about $350-$400.
Also make sure your ducts are sealed and you have the correct filter and it is installed properly.
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I'm looking at having this done as well. I got a coupon, but after reading this, looked up some professionals to call for quotes. My problem is that there is a faint cigarette smoke smell coming out of my vents. I don't smoke, but the previous owner may have. I live in a townhouse with smoking neighbors, but all of our systems are separate, so that shouldn't be the issue. Do you think duct cleaning and a good carbon filter should take care of the smoky issue? I've got air purifiers running, and have weatherstripped the two interior doors just in case anything was slipping in through the doors from the hallways.

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Air duct cleaning equipment works by removing the dust collected in the air ducts. These ducts are simple metallic tubes that are responsible for carrying cool and hot air to all the rooms of your house. If you have a central air conditioning system, these air tubes are distributed evenly throughout your home. They provide the ventilation for your house and so if left unclean could pose several health hazards.
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frick'in spammer!
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Originally Posted by hvac5646 View Post
frick'in spammer!
Not really, he just needs to put his private contractor link as his signature, not in the body of the post. THAT is allowed, as per our rules.

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Now that you neutered him, he'll never be back again.

When i first logged on this morning this guys website popped up instead.

Somebody doin' some spammin for shore boss!
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Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
The dust is probably coming from a leaky return duct. Cleaning the ducts won't stop it.


try the ***link removed, you should know better by now. Please read the rules.*** door trick [/URL]but i'd take odds too on a return leak.

re: the smoke smell that goo is probably mixed in with the coil, squirrl cage blades etc. I would coil clean etc ez diy

I think that duct cleaning is kind of a racket unless you had construction done inside the home lately. Somehow they have marketed it like carpet cleaning and the like.
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Re duct cleaning, take a look here:

Duct Cleaning for Quackers? by Caoimhín P. Connell
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The most telling evidence to the lack of efficacy of duct cleaning is that no one in my industry I know gets their own home done.

The only time I'll suggest it is when a client has been tested and told they have a specific allergy to dust mite feces. It's not because duct cleaning lowers house dust but because it creates a less hospitable environment for dust mites. Something that few humans are effected by.


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