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SPS-1 12-07-2008 03:15 PM

Plugging Range Vent in Attic
I had the drywall behind my stove disintegrating. When I replaced the bad section, I found a draft behind the wall. There was a vent ducted though the attic and out the roof. Intended to be used as a range hood exhaust. Funny thing was, the range hood was never set up to exhaust, it just recirculates back into the kitchen. Seems that the inside of the wall was seeing conditions a liitle too close to outdoors. On a cold damp day, I could see the drywall absorbing moisture, but I am pretty sure there was no water getting in. I removed the section of round duct in the attic. I stapled screening under the roof exhaust fitting, and left it as additional attic venting, and I sealed the lower portion into the wall studs with expanding foam. Two questions --- was this type of venting improper, or why did my paint and drywall disintegrate ? And was my solution OK, or is there a better way.

Thank you

Marvin Gardens 12-08-2008 10:40 AM

Looks fine to me from where I sit. I would look at the vent cap just to make sure it is there and that no rain is getting in.

I think you have it dialed in that the moisture from outside was ruining the drywall.

The venting doesn't appear to be improper. Maybe it was an outside vent that was never installed for some reason.

There is no reason to not use it if you so choose. Venting into the house will cause additional moisture if you live in an already moist area. This is especially true of you use gas.

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