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tarlan 06-26-2011 06:10 PM

Placement of 2 outside AC units
I had a Trane XL15I A/c unit installed 2 years ago. Then this year I had to replace my upstairs unit and I went with same unit for upstairs. My question is about how close the units are placed together. These units have a much larger foot print than the 20year old units we took out. However the contractor fit them on the same cement pad and now there is about 12" seperating them. I am concerned they are too close together. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance?

yuri 06-26-2011 06:23 PM

12" is OK. They suck air in the sides and shoot out the top so as long as they can get air into the sides they are OK. Make sure there are NO tree branches or bushes overtop of them and causing air to recirculate back down.

beenthere 06-26-2011 08:08 PM

Xl15I discharges its air out the side with that top they have. Not a good way to install them. Trane however does have a conversion top that will make them discharge straight up, that your installers can get for you. They will charge you for them though.

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