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janinran 01-18-2009 04:52 PM

Pilot light out?
I have a utica boiler and I think the pilot light is out. I have no heat now. How do I know if it is only the pilot light or if I have some other problem? Secondly, I can't find the pilot ignition on my heater. thanks. Cold lady in New England.

JohnH1 01-18-2009 05:06 PM

Before we go through lighting a pilot are you sure you dont have automatic ignition on the boiler.

biggles 01-18-2009 05:27 PM

if you have a thin copper line going from the top of the gas valve and mounted next to the pilot it is stand alone pilot setup.if your gas valve has a PILOT :thumbsup: position where you turn it to that and push it down you have a standing relight it toggle down the furnace on the side of the furnace.......set the valve to PILOT(this is with the cover off the furnace so you can see into the burner section)see:eek: the silver aluminum tubing coming off the gas valve follow it into the burner section thqat is your PILOT:thumbup:light the match and push the dial down in pilot position and keep holding it.reach in to the PiLOT and it should light(like a gas pilot on an old fashion stove.count to 30 slowly and relaease the dial yu have been holding...the pilot should stay lit....yes.turn the gas valve dial to ON step back and toggle up the furnace switch(stat should be calling)wooooooooooosh you have heat.if you have a wire coming from the pilot light area before all this(not a thin line line/tube) you have spark ignition and need to call somebody......with spark ignition you should hear a sparking going(like on a modern stove when you turn its dial) right to the pilot assembly.... resetting the toggle on the side of the furnace with the stat calling. to repeat the sparking

janinran 01-18-2009 05:42 PM

Pilot light problem
Thanks for the rapid response. I am not sure if I have an automatic ignition on my burner! I am trying to find an owners manual on line so I can have more info about my specific burner. I do know the copper pipes lead to the furnace and they are cold as ice. The only noise I hear coming from the furnace is a soft whisper but nothing else. I believe I have "forced hot air" and I don't hear any water running through the pipes. Geting colder in New England P.S. yes, the furnace is turned on.

biggles 01-18-2009 06:34 PM

if you have copper pipes to the furnace then it is a BOILER put up a brand name and model number off the boiler.....the ignition setup will still be either standing or electronic.... do you have a digital stat upstairs..... is it lit.if it is you have 24Vs and main power to the boiler.

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