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Vkazman 10-09-2010 12:29 AM

Pex al Pex to the second floor

Is this doable to bring about 90 feet of 3/4 Uponor Multicor from the boiler at the basement to the second floor without cutting the pipe?
It is an old house. All walls are covered by ****rack.
As for as I understand, cutting the pipe should be avoided if possible.
Also, once I bought the pipe, I realised that that looks like there is no manual press tool for 3/4 Uponor Multicor pipe and an automatic one cost a fortune ($2800). Again I was not planning to cut it till my in law told me that he will not be able to do anything. Are you aware about manual prees tool for Uponor Multicor 3/4 pipe?
The only thing I found in Uponor catalog for joining two pipes is a coupler with compression fittings. A4322525 QS-style Coupling Nipple, R25 x R25 (for 3⁄₄" and 5⁄8" tubing only)
Tools are not reqired, for compression fitting, but I am not sure on how reliable this connection is.
In addition there are no elbows for compression connection if I need one.

I appreciate any recommendation on it.


Vkazman 10-09-2010 12:35 AM

Walls are covered by sheetrock

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