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Pet dander and urine

Has anyone ever heard of pet dander and urine ruining a coil on the air handler of a heat pump? I do pet rescue and was told today the reason my 5 year old system is freezing up is because I have too many pets in the house.

I researched this topic on the internet and the only thing I can find is that if a dog urinates on the outside unit it will eventually eat away at the metal.

If this is true what can be done to prevent this problem....I am not going to give up rescuing.



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Yes. Lots of hair shedding pets can cause air flow problems, and cause the system to freeze up.

Have your coil cleaned. And install the proper air filtration system. Along with an outside air intake, to get fresh air in the house. To dilute the VOC's.


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Urine gives off Ammonia which eats coils. A ventilation system if you have room and $$ is a very good idea and energy efficient.
HRV or ERV. Check these guys:Lifebreath
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Large amounts of pet hair and dander will clog/block air flow to appliances just like any other dirt/obstruction would. I suspect that all of your appliances need to be cleaned under/behind much more frequently. If you have duct work in the floors/baseboards I'm sure that it is loaded with both. Along with hindering the efficiency, this is a conducive environment for flea life cycles and airborne allergens. In properties where there are too many animals for the given space, these are common conditions. If you are going to continue in animal rescue, please consider that you may have to buy/build suitable facilities designed for animal boarding.
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Yes, the urine will eat away the fins on the condensor coils. As a Real Estate agent I've seen two properties where dog urine has rotted the lower fins off a compressor.
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