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how 09-22-2012 12:13 AM

to pay or not
Guy calls in a company to tune up his American Standard horizontal furnace. This company can't get the furnace to fire up. They point to the gas valve as the fault and tell the homeowner to get his gas pressure checked by the gas supplier. They leave him a bill for the diagnostic's and a quote to change the valve after he's had his pressure checked.
The Gas supplier finds the pressure OK but suggests he use me instead to re check the furnace.
I find the gas cock and electrical off when I arrive. The furnace shows an immediate led diagnostic of an open limit when re started. A Popped roll out switch is re set and the furnace fired. Everything works fine except the valve doesn't shut off completely so that a small amount of gas burns from the main gas orifice near the tripped roll out switch. I change the valve. Everything now checks out OK.

He asks me if he should pay the original company?

They didn't know to check the diagnostic led, or the roll out switch, or the power to the valve, carry a manometer or an HSI universal valve, thought a 1/2 lb meter was supplying 2 lb gas, and neither serviced or repaired the furnace.....
But they did errantly come up with a correct diagnosis????

I said I'd complain about paying gas fitters so incapable of repairing a furnace but their accidentally correct diagnostic's made the question of withholding payment a bit murky.

hvac benny 09-22-2012 01:16 AM

"Get the gas supply checked by the gas utility" is the lazy/hack answer. Why not pull out their manometer to confirm? And to say that it's the gas valve AND the supply pressure? Wtf?

As for not paying? That's a tough call. They did spend the time there, but did appear to be incompetent. I know the home owner expects results, but they are also paying for the time. When I was in the trade, our company policy was no bill if no fix was made.

Btw, it's 1/4 pound (1.75. kpa) not 1/2 pound delivery.

beenthere 09-22-2012 07:12 AM

Customer needs to call the service manger/owner up, and discuss the bill with him.

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