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thobrooks 07-06-2008 01:44 PM

Pay to haul away old A/C unit?
With the cost of freon and copper, should I have to pay to have my old A/C unit hauled off. Should the installer give me some kind of credit toward my bill?

geo fan 07-06-2008 05:13 PM

The freon inside the unit is not imidiatly reused it must be recovered and sent to a reclaim station they will either filter it for reuse or destroy in a way that has minimal effect on the enviroment. Either way the installer has to pay to get rid of it he cant just sell it to the next cust. This more then offsets any money he will get from the junk yard for the copper. That being said when we give a price its a flat all inclusive price , and the only discount given is 10% if the cust signs up for a maint. agreement . If you are happy with the service and quility of work I would inquire about that. Company's will be inclined to give discounts if you are going to pay every year and become a long term cust. .Or ask "If I put a sign in my yard for a few weeks can I get a little break" . If you live on a busy street they may see that as worth it as well

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