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SmokeSwirl 05-18-2012 09:15 PM

Paint booth exhaust
Hi to all, first off, I would like to thank all the users here for providing advice and answers. Ever since I bought my first (and current) home 2 years ago, this site has helped me tackle many projects, but this will be my first post today.

I have been seriously considering building a paint booth in my basement, so I am doing research on costs the best route to build it. As a spray painter by profession, I understand what I need to make all this work, however my only dilemma is the exhaust and air intake.

So first, for the exhaust, is it possible or wise to install the duct work for the air going OUTside the house into the chimney? I already have duct work installed in the chimney for my furnace, and theres a little door under that duct work that could open, and I could install the duct work for the exhaust fan through that opening. But are there problems or concerns I should worry about if I was to do this? I could install the the duct work to a window but I would rather have it through the chimney, because its high up on the roof and a very low chance of neighbours smelling any odours. I want to avoid the windows as both sides of the basement windows face my neighbours and the fact that its ground level that I do not like, would much rather install it through the chimney. Has anybody done this or should the chimney be used only for the furnace?

Second, for the air intake. If I was to install a screen door as my door for the paint booth, and open the bottom half of the window so that air could enter the paint booth, would this be suffecient? Or is it a must to get fresh air from another source (eg. a window)? If I am suppose to get fresh air from a window, how would I go on about this during the winter? I reside in Ontario Canada and winters here can get quite cold, any suggestions?

Thank you for reading.

Jackofall1 05-18-2012 09:35 PM

I would say first as an individual with years of experience in designing and building spray booths I would say firstly and don't take this the wrong way but, you are not right in the head if you are thinking of putting a booth for paint application in your house.

First off there is all the flamables associated with painting, then there is the fumes, of which an exhauster with not rid completely.

As for running flamable fumes up a your chimney with hot gasses from either a hot water tank or furnace is just plain suicide.

So if the vapors in the booth don't ignite because you don't have Class I Div I rating on anything in the house the chimney will turn into a torch and burn your place down anyway.

Anyway you look at it, it is JUST PLAIN WRONG!


SmokeSwirl 05-18-2012 09:40 PM

@ Jackofall1: well you are right about one thing and that is I am not right in the head, but thats a whole different issue and different forum I go to for that lol.

I forgot to mention that I will not be using any flammable or toxic paint, strictly water based latex paint ONLY. As for putting the booth inside my home, I dont see the real issue in that, many have done it before, and I am able to construct it well enough to be sealed, and will have the fan running for hours even after finishing any spraying.

But thanks for your input.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I do not even have natural gas in my home, my furnace uses oil, I have a massive oil tank in the cold room (which is a mortgage itself just for filling it every month in the winter) and the water tank is electric.

Jackofall1 05-18-2012 09:48 PM

Well that was a rocky start, at least I could have said hello and welcome to the best darn DIY'r site on the web.

I would still be very hesitant on building a booth in a house even with Latex application.

As for running the exhaust up the chimney I wouldn't do it, again there is hot gas there from the furnace and HW tank. Find a way to run the exhaust to the back of the house, and the intake unless you are only using this booth in the warmer months would have to be heated, so opening a window would cause issues in the winter.

beenthere 05-19-2012 05:58 AM

Oil furnaces generally have a high flue temp then gas furnaces. In the winter this would tend to warm up the paint booths exhaust duct enough to bake the paint to it, restricting the duct.

I believe your code prohibits the furnace flue from going into a chimney with a duct in it. Unless you also have a separate liner for the oil furnace in the chimney. Meaning hat the furnace exhaust is in a liner inside the chimney.

Perhaps you should draw up plans, and post that drawing so we can better see what your thinking to do.

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