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Joe1. 07-24-2010 03:35 PM

Outside Condensor/compressor keeps tripping
Hello everyone,

I've just joined this forum, and I wanted to see if anyone could help me figure out a problem I have with my AC. I've been waiting for the HVAC guy to come by, but maybe there's something I can do in the meantime.

The AC blower fan in the attic is working fine, but the condensor outside is not working. The HVAC guy came by and said it was the circuit breaking tripped. He reset the breaker, and then left thinking all was fine. But now the breaker kept going on and off (every few hours or so--sometimes longer or shorter intervals). We replaced the breaker with a 50A, the proper size, and the problem persisted. The HVAC guy came by again and said he's getting sufficient power to the unit, so he said it's probably the capacitor. He replaced the hardstart capacitor, and again we thought it was fine, but it began to trip again.

Anyway, right now the AC repair man is hard to track down, and I'm wondering if there's anything I could check in the mean time, to avoid thee goose chase.

I'd appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.


mikethe ductman 07-24-2010 04:23 PM

An amp prob might help.
Check the amp draw on compressor and fan.
Check the disconect box for loose wires.
If your service man did not use an amp prob after resetting the breaker, get a new service man.

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