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DaleB 10-16-2010 09:15 PM

Olsen furnace won't stay running
Last year I installed an Olsen BFL-120 furnace. Everything went well. However, some time later (maybe 1-2 months really not sure) I started having some problems with the furnace running after it went through it's cycle. It would run and finish its heat cycle and turn off as it should but, would not come back on once the house cooled back down. I had left the original mercury t-stat and was told that the new furnaces do not like or run well with the old t-stat's. Apparently, the new circuit boards don't jive. I put in a new Breaburn electrontic t-stat- just the basic version. I'm still having the same problem on ocasion. I've been told that the Breaburn are not that good of a t-stat and should change it out for a better quality one. Here's the only kicker- when I realize the furnace it out- I turn off my power at my emergency switch, wait approximately 30-45 seconds and turn the power back on and everything is fine. The furnace starts up and runs fine. There's no time or pattern when the furnace quits. Is there a way to test the t-stat or is this I should just replace and rule out? I'm lost- is it a funace issue or t-stat issue? Any help will be great- Thanks.

beenthere 10-16-2010 09:22 PM

Sounds more like a furnace problem.

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