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JEDhbo 12-11-2008 02:34 PM

Bryant 583B overly expensive premature blower failure!
Unfortunately I now find myself in the position of having to uncover what appears to be a "cover-up". The Bryant 583B that was installed 02/12/03 to replace a unit that had developed some cracks in the heat exchanger, appears to have had some problems from new. This is the first season of use since the so-called warranty expired (5 years) and it seems that the combustion chamber blower is made with failure in mind. It, the blower, consists of a squirrel cage type construction that is so flimsy and cheaply made that it starts failing in as little as three, sometime less, years. It, the cage, is made of light gauge galvanized metal(tin) and due to the environment, (cold, then hot, then cold again) condensation greatly accelerates oxidation and premature failure. The failure of our unit wasn't evident until the beginning of this heating season, thereby very conveniently placing warranty coverage approximately 9+ months out of dealer responsibility. Kinda wordy I know, but, I'm asking for help pertaining to this issue of failure. The technician informed me that this part, (blower assy. #48GS 400 649), has a high rate of failure/replacement and he personally has replaced as many as 3 to 4 per week. He also admitted to me that the blowers are cheaply and poorly made and cost way too much. He wasn't sure, but thought they cost around $400 or more. Actually there is nothing wrong with the motor and it doesn't need replacing, it's simply impossible to replace only the squirrel cage because there is such a preponderance of rust between the cage plate and the shaft of the motor. Were it not for the rust and if the metal were coated with something such as NeverSeize or Anti-Seize or other rust inhibitor it would be necessary to replace only the cage. If Bryant would invest about $.50 more in the manufacture of this cage by utilizing stainless steel, it would last much longer and might last the life of the unit itself. Can you say "PLANNED OBSOLENCE"? Please forgive my apparent sarcasm but I've already contacted Bryant three times "via" three different avenues and I've been denied help each time. In light of the apparent CYA attitude of Bryant, an honest and timely response would be greatly appreciated. I thank you for your time and indulgence, JED

beenthere 12-11-2008 03:04 PM

All manufacturers have a part that could and should be made better then what it is.

Your dealer should have asked you if you wanted the extended 10 years parts and labor warranty.

Most inducers have to have the entire asssembly changed out. Its a common design of most units.

There are a few that can have only the motor, or only the squirrel cage changed, but not that many.

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